About the Article
This article is not intended to give medical advice. I am not a medical doctor. The intention is to raise questions as to the vested interests of research results and testing methods. It is also a retelling of a personal account that should raise ethical concerns which demand answers. This article only reports and retells facts, research and statements from others who have been involved in cancer research. The purpose of this article is not to claim a cure for cancer; rather, it is an act of responsible freedom of speech that should raise questions that need addressing about the study of treatments for cancer. – SD’M  … read more




About the Author
 Dr. She` (pronounced Shay) D`Montford, is a Teacher, Healer, Author, Promoter, and Activist.  A former Qld business woman of the year she is the founding editor of Spellcraft magazine Australia`s premier periodical for the occult and esoteric. Dr. D`Montford was raised in Queensland – her father was a successful businessman in the health food industry – and at a very early age she was regarded as a child prodigy because of the exceptional scholastic abilities she displayed. …read more